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Matrice, matrix artistic design for gourmet chocolate confectionary and pastrymaking.

Dessert3Design concept is born – a fusion between new technologies and most traditional methodologies that makes possible a new moud making generation.
What we do

Creativity · Excellence · Artistic vision · Perfection · Emotion

talent and excellence

With Matrice the creative limits in pastrymaking disappear; talent and excellence become important.

Custom 3D designs

We start from a need, an idea or a sketch. The entrusted design, gradually, takes the desired composition and consistency to become a digital art piece ready to print in 3D.

The advantages of digital sculpture are numerous; the agility achieving results and careful attention to detail stand out.

Moldes con vida propia

In Matrice we have the hands of the sculptor who knows the touch and the gratitude of the clay, thus we manage to transmit in each digital piece the feeling and the emotion typical of the traditional sculpture.

How we do it

Trend. Tradition. Innovation. Exploration. Solution.

Work methodology

In Matrice we surprise you with extravagantly shaped matrices and molds turned into puzzles, finding the most suitable material for its execution in pastrymaking, transforming it into a piece of creativity and inspiring flavours.
  • We put a solution to matrices with help of the new technology that is already part of our lives and business: 3D print; we materialise each digital sculpture into a tangible piece

  • Once printed, the expert and perfectionist hands of the artesian give it the characteristic value of a quality piece

  • In Matrice we are looking for that magic that pushes us to research new techniques, study state-of-the-art composition and innovating in processes, always keeping an eye on the delicacy of a handmade piece.

Our History

Talent · Personality· Vocation · Enthusiasm

Passion and technical skills is what characterises our team and what makes possible for our clients to dream about the creation of their sweetest art pieces.
Gerard Rufi
Gerard Rufi

Technical direction

An inventor and a creative person by nature; trained as an Audiovisual Media Technician, specialized in digital design. His experience for over a decade in the audiovisual world, turned him into a versatile professional.
In the year 2014, having finished his specialitzation in 3D Printing, he creates his first digital printing and design business, directed to different market sectors.
Rufi is the solution wizard and the mind behind Matrice. His mind and technical skills make the most difficult pieces come to life.

Ariadna Queralt
Ariadna Queralt

Art Direction

Vocational sculptor and drawer; professional special makeup effects technician. In spite of her experience with more than 20 cinematographic films, photographic sessions, television and even a nomination to 'Los Goya 2015', Ariadna has managed to maintain her artistic identity characterised by her taste for realism, organic shapes and striking colors. Queralt is the feminine and artistic part of Matrice. Her hands are in charge of the design, digital figurative sculpture and care for details.


Work philosophy

  • For Matrice, a bond of trust is very important to perfectly understand the creative ideas of our clients and offer them the best solutions for each project; we get that climate with the open attitude and commitment that characterises us.

  • Our clients’ need for strengthening their personal brand and maintaining high quality standards make us the best choice to carry out any proposal.

  • Our collaborators and clients know that we will provide all possible solutions for the excellence of their products, either with the delivery of the matrix or molds.

Frequent questions

Do you have any question? we answer it.

Once the piece is ready, are the usual 3D printer marks visible?

Our finishes can surprise you. Matrice is very committed to providing the highest quality in each piece, and we love to give it a handmade finish, making it difficult to distinguish whether it has been printed or sculpted.

What sizes can be printed in 3D?

Matrice works with pieces ranging between 2cm and 2m.

How long does it take to finish an order?

Thanks to our cooperation with new technologies and usage of digital sculpting, our response to demand is very fast. On average, project take 15 days to get delivered, though it is always conditioned by the difficulty and demands of the project.

Can I do without molds and get only the matrix?

Matrice performs three differentiated services:
– creative design based on a concept
– the execution of digital sculpture and subsequent 3D printing
– replica food molds
All projects are prepared and budgeted according to the client’s needs.

Is a matrix an expensive item?

The answer to this question is very ambiguous, because it depends on the project. 3D printing itself is not very expensive, the price will be determined by the size of the project, the hours of design and execution.

In case of a three-dimensional piece, do the pieces fit together?

Effectively. Matrice works the whole piece in the design phase, and it is only when the impression is executed that the piece is divided into as many parts as necessary so that the relevant molds can be made without any impediments when removing the edible parts and fit together in detail.

Is there a problem if I have got a gastronomic concept but I don't know what shape I should give it?

We love challenges and we have plenty of imagination. Matrice is very present throughout the artistic development, until the customer is completely satisfied with the result and can perfectly complement his idea and brand.

What materials are the moulds made of?

It depends on the needs of each project. The moulds, in order to get the most suitable results for its purpose, are made of food silicone or PET plastic.


Do you have an idea or project in mind? We can collaborate and build amazing things. Do not hesitate!

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Matrice 3Dessert

Matrice 3Desssert, matrix artistic design for gourmet chocolate confectionary and pastrymaking.


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